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do work that matters.


"Work that matters" is work that aligns employee experience with company performance. Your organization will move faster and your employees will be more engaged and know how to make an impact.



Alignment, execution, development: Mighty brings all of these things together by applying your people’s strengths and goals to the most important work.



Employees are 3.5x more engaged when they can link their goals to the organization’s. Yet only 14% of employees understand their company's strategy and direction. You can’t align what you can’t see. Mighty surfaces top initiatives to everyone in the organization and aligns work around those goals. Employees know how their work makes an impact.



Work happens everywhere but becomes hidden in systems and silos as organizations grow. Mighty makes work visible, gives managers real data to lead their teams, and gives employees the autonomy to get stuff done.



Employee development often comes second to productivity. This causes employees to check out and their skill sets grow stale. Learning happens by doing. Mighty presents opportunities to grow and develop through real work without slowing down innovation or productivity.


Learn how Mighty can help your company do work that matters.