Connect the dots between work and performance

Mighty connects work, performance, people, and skills throughout your organization. No matter how teams are organized. No matter what tools they use. Top to bottom visibility into how people and teams align against work, how work impacts company goals, and how people can take action.


The future work experience demands:



First you have to see.

Create visibility into company goals, work being done, and the people and skills involved.



Next you have to focus.

Ensure the work, people, and skills are aligned to what matters most.



Then you drive velocity.

When people know how their work matters and have opportunities to grow, productivity goes up and employees know how to make an impact.


Mighty lives where your people work

With just a few clicks in the tools they already use, employees can surface and align work, give feedback, and gain clarity to act. Adoption doesn’t suffer.

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How it works

Step 1. Define

Import or create company goals and key initiatives. Mighty automatically pushes goals into the tools workers use everyday, keeping everyone on the same page as strategy evolves.


Step 2. Align

With a few clicks in the tools people already use, employees can quickly tag work with company initiatives. Mighty delivers visibility into alignment across tools and teams without interrupting or duplicating work.


Step 3. Feedback

As work completes, Mighty continually gathers skills-based feedback for each team member, learns what skills are being used, and provides timely feedback around real work.


Step 4. Develop

Mighty surfaces data around skills, performance, and work to guide better team formation, inform learning platforms, and put employees in the driver’s seat of their own growth.



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