Mighty’s New Brand



Neat Work is re-branding as Mighty. A brand that represents our ambition as a company and the empowerment we want to bring to people and companies as we help them grow.

The logo embodies Mighty in its simplest form. One side is representative of the organization, the other of the people. We help organizations raise problems that need to be solved and connect those problems with the right people in the organization. Where the two peaks intersect you’ll notice an X. Mighty puts an X on the map and guides you on your path. Everyone is linked to the world in some way and has strength to offer. We all affect each other and when we come together we can scale mountains.


usages of the logo

The two preferred versions are the full color logo with the mountains centered above the word and the inline version with the mountains to the right of the word.


Logo resources

Click to download a zip file of logo resources