Neat Work Rebrands as Mighty

A Mighty Mission to help employees and companies
”Do Work That Matters”


SALT LAKE CITY, UT., May 10, 2019 — Neat Work, a software company that helps employees and organizations do “Work That Matters” by aligning employee experience with company performance, announced it has rebranded as Mighty. The new brand reflects the company’s ambition to empower people and companies to innovate, execute, and grow more quickly.

“During the discovery process, we felt that our brand “Neat Work” understated what we’re trying to accomplish. While everyone wants to do neat work at neat organizations, our mission of helping people, teams and whole organizations achieve their potential through meaningful work isn’t just ‘neat’” said Neat Work co-founder and CEO, Brent Alvord. “We’re aiming to achieve a goal that employees and the companies they work for have been seeking for a very long time: an effective combination of performance, growth, and meaning. It’s an inspiring mission — a mighty mission.”

Earlier in the year Mighty announced it had closed seed funding led by Origin Ventures and GSV AcceleraTE, with participation from Peak Ventures and Village Global. The new brand will compliment ongoing product development as Mighty prepares a private beta of the Company's product.

“The logo embodies Mighty in its simplest form. The two mountain peaks in the Mighty mark symbolize our core values of hope and optimism,” said Mighty’s Director of Design, Joe Faux. “The way they change when they cross over, represents how organization’s needs and people's needs come together and influence each other to make something new and, we believe, better.”

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About Mighty

Mighty helps companies bring together execution and employee development by connecting goals, work, people, and skills to the most important initiatives inside of an organization. Its solution helps people maximize their impact and development by aligning the needs of employees with the needs of the organization, resulting in better innovation, productivity, and collaboration across the company.

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